Current members

Our members are our lifeblood. Over 400 organisations spanning the entire built environment value chain have committed to work together for a better built environment. From investors, occupiers and developers, to designers, contractors and suppliers, we represent the voice of the industry’s current and future leaders who are all striving for transformational change.

Our members join UKGBC because they believe in our vision of a better built environment – one that enables people and planet to thrive. They also recognise that sustainable development and commercial success go hand in hand. A successful business is one that is resilient to external shocks, and able to meet the changing needs of its customers. We want to help bolster our members’ business models to ensure their viability long into the future.

We convene and work together with our members to break through some of the sector’s biggest challenges, and identify and develop innovative solutions to overcome market failures. We also engage our members in advocating a progressive message to government, informing and influencing policy.


Express your sustainability leadership
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Who should join

Any organisation that believes in a better built environment should join UKGBC.

As a multi-disciplinary network of committed organisations spanning the private, public and voluntary sectors, we welcome all types of organisation to join in our mission.

We wish to grow our membership so that it is fully representative of the entire built environment sector right across the UK. Extending the breadth and diversity of our membership in all parts of the country will strengthen our collective voice. It will also bring greater benefit to our members and amplify our impact.

We believe in openness and collaboration. We expect a commitment from our members to continuously improve their environmental and social performance.

Why join

Our members tell us that they derive real value from their membership of UKGBC. Listed here are some of the more tangible benefits you can expect to get from your membership of UKGBC.

Deepen your knowledge and skills

  • Receive regular updates of sustainability news, policy and best practice
  • Participate in peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through roundtables, debates, forums and working groups
  • Raise awareness internally through access to e-learning, webinars and course mail
  • Cultivate leadership skills by enrolling on leadership and innovation programmes
  • Deepen technical knowledge through masterclasses and practical learning programme

Help shape best practice

  • Influence and participate in cutting edge research programmes
  • Showcase your best practices through our events and communications
  • Pilot new ways of working on live projects by taking part in our labs
  • Strengthen the business case using compelling case studies and leadership stories

Influence national and local policy

  • Stay one step ahead of upcoming policy and regulation
  • Get your voice heard by policy-makers and parliamentarians
  • Strengthen your profile with national and local government representatives
  • Engage with our experienced policy team who are always looking for opportunities to represent our members’ interests and experiences

Connect to a powerful network

  • Learn something new by attending our varied programme of members-only events
  • Network and forge new business connections through expertly curated events and receptions
  • Connect your CEO with another 140 CEOs and Board-level Executives, whom we convene for exclusive Leaders Network events
  • Plug into international best practice via our membership of the World Green Building Council and affiliation with another 75 GBCs around the globe

Raise your profile

  • Use the UKGBC Member logo on your website and other marketing material
  • Publicise your listing in our Member Directory
  • Publish an opinion piece or case study on our website
  • Have your logo displayed at industry-leading events and on UKGBC publications and social media channels
  • Be profiled in national and industry press through connecting to our communications team.

Hear it from our members

UKGBC provides the linchpin of leadership and innovation dissemination within the built environment. TFT is an active participant in the Leaders Network and the Future Leaders alumni benefiting from the thinking and partnerships that arise from these and the diverse range of research and training programmes that UKGBC offers. This ensures TFT remain leaders in its field working collaboratively with forward thinking clients to achieve a restorative and healthy built environment.  Mat Lown, Head of Sustainability. Tuffin Ferraby Taylor

PRP is a founding member of the UKGBC and is a regular contributor to its research projects. This alliance is enormously beneficial for our practice in relation to knowledge transfer, opportunities to connect with industry partners, as well as our own brand exposure within the membership.Andrew Mellor, Partner.PRP

Become a member

Any organisation that believes in a better built environment should join the UKGBC. As a multi-disciplinary network of committed organisations spanning the private, public and voluntary sectors, we welcome all types of organisations to join in our mission.