COURSE: Health and Wellbeing in the time of Covid-19

An introduction to the core principles which have a positive impact on human health
Young man cycling in Richmond Park, London


June 30, 2020
10:00 am - 12:00 pm





The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic will continue to unfold for some time; however, the value of our Health & Wellbeing has already been brought into acute focus. Both our physical and mental health have been threatened and our social interactions constrained to a virtual world.  Existing socio-economic divides have been exacerbated with the lockdown experienced very differently across society.

As we navigate our recovery towards a ‘new normal’, we discuss the key factors in ensuring the building and construction sector contributes to the restorative improvement of public health and wellbeing; mitigating environmental pollution through investment in low-carbon climate-resilient infrastructure, improving green spaces and making our homes fit for the future.

WorldGBC will present their pilot ‘North Star Goal’ for Heath & Wellbeing that offers a framework to understand the core principles that have a positive impact on human health, and those that create positive impact around wider human health issues.  You can also hear from industry leaders on how they are addressing the new challenges, and how our response to the health crisis can also deliver a better built environment, putting us on the road to tackling climate change head on.

Who should attend
This course is intended for professionals seeking to understand the latest thinking on health and wellbeing, particularly in the context of our ‘socially distanced’ society, as well as those seeking to understand how we can create an inspiring response to society’s challenges through emphasis on H&W.

Why attend
This event will allow you to gain insight into the North Star Goal framework, feedback into its development and learn to understand how our interconnected our wider challenges are to our own H&W

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