Insights+Innovations Webinar Series
(Building Knowledge: Level 2)

Get the latest updates on sustainability research, emerging technologies and best practice through this interactive webinar series.
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December 1, 2017
10:00 am - 12:00 pm






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Imagine the future now through the latest innovative thinking in sustainability and green buildings.


Our Insights+Innovations webinars are hosted via Adobe providing a real-time, fully interactive, virtual learning environment that connects you with the UKGBC network of industry experts and practitioners. The webinars are accessed live, offering a chance for discussion and Q&A, or recorded to fit around busy schedules.


‘Bring the future to the present’

Construction is a fast-changing industry: Offices are getting smarter, 3-D printing is on the rise, and Tesla can power your home. What does this mean for the way that we build?

What are ‘Insights+Innovations’ webinars?

Insights and Innovations is an exciting new webinar series from UKGBC, designed to bring you the latest updates on sustainability research, emerging technologies and best practice. With 8 one-hour sessions to choose from, accessible on the move, participants will get a chance to hear about cutting-edge ideas from experts in the field.

‘Insights+Innovations’ Series 1 will feature exciting topics including:

  • Battery-Powered Buildings,
  • Offices of tomorrow,
  • Automation in the construction industry,
  • Smart cities,
  • London’s community energy initiatives,
  • The housing crisis

Be inspired, challenged and empowered to bring the future to the present.

Who should attend?

Sustainability professionals from the built environment sector, keen to broaden their knowledge on the latest sustainability research and innovations.

Why attend?

To be at the forefront of a fast-changing industry and gain insights, and contribute to a sustainable built environment. The UKGBC Insights+Innovations webinars present an ideal platform to discuss the implementation of innovative solutions with your peers and experts.

  • You will keep up to date with progress in the industry
  • Latest innovative thinking and how this is developing in live projects
  • Debate how research and innovations can impact the way you do business.
  • Explore the practical considerations of implementing change (market demand, regulation, cost etc.)
  • Ways that progress can be made to integrate new ideas, research and innovations

Get access to experts, be inspired!


Friday 1st December 2017 – Friday 19th January 2018

The insights+innovations webinar series 1 will be held during December and January, the schedule covers 8 webinars to pick from, as follows:

Webinar 1: Friday 1st Dec (10 am)

Webinar 2: Tuesday 5th December (10 am)

Webinar 3: Thursday 7th December (2 pm)

Webinar 4 : Wednesday 13th December (2 pm)

Webinar 5: Tuesday 9th January (10 am)

Webinar 6: Thursday 11th January (10 am)

Webinar 7: Monday 15th January (2 pm)

Webinar 8: Friday 19th January (2 pm)

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