Second Nature Live – Immersive programme
(Developing Expertise: Level 3)

Join us for this NEW immersive learning programme on a live project – to give you the opportunity to apply complex sustainability issues to a real development - the Birmingham Children’s Hospital project.
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November 6, 2017
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Online, On-site Birmingham and London




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Delivering more sustainable buildings


This programme is delivered through a dynamic range of active learning techniques, and involves virtual working and two face to face workshops, the first in Birmingham and the second in London (venues to be confirmed).


Full programme: Monday 6th November 2017 – Wednesday 28th February 2018

Online kick off: Monday 6th November 2017

On-site Birmingham first workshop: Wednesday 22nd – Thursday 23rd November 2017

Central London second workshop: Wednesday 28th February 2018


What is the Second Nature LIVE Programme?

For the 2017 Second Nature LIVE project, UKGBC is collaborating with NHS Birmingham to give you the opportunity to apply complex sustainability issues to a real development, with the Birmingham Children’s Hospital project.

Through a range of active learning approaches with talks, virtual working, networking, group work, plenary discussions, research, site visits, webinars and workshops (and more!), you will learn about:

  • The key principles of green building and construction
  • How sustainability considerations impact design briefs, working practices and decision-making across various disciplines and at all stages of a project;
  • The role that site, climate, program, (urban/rural) context, structure and building technology (amongst others) play in the process of design, construction, operations and maintenance;
  • Opportunities and constraints for a given project, including, where relevant, key policy and regulatory frameworks, building performance standards, and industry trends;
  • Interdisciplinary, collaborative approaches to the application of the key principles to a live project or proposition;
  • The different roles and new responsibilities in working together towards green building and construction;
  • Successful cases and innovative practices as relevant for the building in question;
  • Design proposals both qualitatively and quantitatively, developing a compelling business case

And .. you will collaborate, discuss and learn with an industry peer group, working together to propose the most sustainable outcomes for the project. 

The programme

Part 1:  FOUNDATION – Involves the pre-work required to ‘set up’ participants for the key workshop.  This will include online elements with some reading and discussion.

Part 2: KEY WORKSHOP – Site tour and meeting key stakeholders where participants will be provided with an overview of ‘the challenge’. Workshop will also cover the basics of green building and construction, concepts and approaches.

Part 3: EXPLORATION ACTIVITIES – Group research and development of proposals. This will include regular support to each team provided by a ‘coach’, through regular live online sessions..

Part 4: CAPSTONE EVENT – Groups present proposals to the panel and celebrate successful completion of the programme.

Total time involved:

Face to face: 2 days (workshop time)

Virtual: 2 days minimum (2-4 hours a week on-line across a total of 8 weeks)

Who should attend?

  • Professionals (multi-discipline) with more than 5 years in the built environment.
  • Learners with line management responsibilities.
  • Architects, technicians, designers, engineers, project managers, surveyors, construction managers, cost consultants, facilities/operations managers, product manufacturers, developers, clients, academics and instructors.
  • May be involved at any stage of a project – conception to design, construction, and beyond.

This programme is NOT aimed at Sustainability staff, as such a background in, or special knowledge of, sustainability it not required.

Why attend?

At ‘Second Nature LIVE’ (2017-2018), you will learn how to approach and apply sustainability to the a real project (Birmingham Children’s Hospital’, identify strategic opportunities and put forward a compelling business case of sustainability.

  • Combine learning and your day to day job, on a live project
  • Understand how to improve sustainability of buildings/projects/developments
  • Explore innovative ideas and solutions in sustainability
  • Promote improved understanding of individual disciplines contributions, and overall holistic approach to problem solving
  • Receive expert guidance, support, best practice and tools, and develop innovative solutions
  • Network and collaborate with peers and experts that are leaders in sustainability.

Take time out to deepen and apply your learning, while exploring and contributing to the big challenge of sustainability in the built environment becoming second nature.

Gain 32 hours CPD and become a UKGBC Green Building Champion.

For more information or to speak to one of the UKGBC team about this programme please contact us at

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