LAUNCH: System Enablers for a Circular Economy

Launch of UKGBC's latest report exploring key enablers in the necessary transformation of our industry towards an emerging circular and regenerative future.


January 31, 2023
10:00 am - 11:00 am





Achieving a circular economy requires a fundamental systems-level change in our economy. All levels of government, industry, and civil society will need to rally behind the common goal to shift from our current extractive and wasteful linear economy towards a regenerative, circular one.

This new UKGBC report outlines the necessary transformation our industry must deliver. It explores key enablers needed to transition from our current business-as-usual towards an emerging future that is circular and regenerative.

Delivering these industry enablers should act as a tipping point in our mostly linear economic system, building a foundation upon which a circular economy across the built environment can become the default way of operating. Targeted and meaningful action by practitioners to demonstrate the art of the possible is vitally important, and this report sets out a multitude of actions that stakeholders can take to make this a reality.


Why attend
This webinar will launch UKGBC’s new report and provide an overview of the key enablers needed for the transition to a circular economy. We will be joined by an expert panel who will share their perspectives and answer audience questions.

Who should attend
Built environment professionals with an interest in circular principles and systems change


  • Yetunde Abdul, Head of climate action, UKGBC
  • Kai Liebetanz, Senior Advisor, UKGBC
  • Peter Kelly, Group Director of Sustainable Operations, ISG
  • Nicoletta Michaletos, Senior Consultant, Buro Happold
  • Kathryn James, Public Affairs and Sustainability Advisor, ROCKWOOL

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