EVENT: Webinar: Circular Economy Guidance

A presentation outlining UKGBC's Circular Economy Guidance and an update on activity and how to get involved in the programme.
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June 11, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm





In April UKGBC launched its Circular Economy Guidance for Construction Clients. The guidance addresses the commercial realities associated with applying circular principles and provides support and evidence to assist clients in setting clear strategies that ensure budget, project timescales and risks are all minimised and mitigated. In this webinar we will give a recap of the guidance, our next steps and how to get involved in the programme.

We will hear how projects can commit to applying the guidance to projects and the next steps for further development of the guidance beyond the project brief stage. There will be an opportunity to provide feedback and hear how you can get involved in the next stage of the programme.

We will share examples of members who have indicated they have projects that are looking to commit to using the guidance and we would like to hear from delegates about further projects willing to commit. We will also share the proposals for how projects can commit to applying the guidance and get your feedback on the proposed commitment – see a draft outline of the proposed commitment at the bottom of this page and have a read so you can share any views or suggested amendments on the webinar.

We will hear from Business in the Community about how they are working with UKGBC and their members to apply the guidance. We will share proposed forward plans of activity for the Circular Economy programme and how you can get involved. We’re looking forward to you joining the discussion and sharing your views on the proposed commitment and forward plans.

The built environment can play a major role in creating a circular economy. In the UK, construction, demolition and excavation account for 60% of both material use and waste generation. Humanity is on course to triple material extraction in the next 30 years and triple waste production by 2100. Meanwhile, prices of construction materials in the UK rose by 4.9% between 2017 and 2018, and adopting circular economy principles creates a €1.8 trillion opportunity for the EU between 2015 and 2030.


  • Anna Surgenor, Senior Sustainability Advisor, UKGBC
  • Libby Sandbrook, Head of Circular Economy, Business in the Community

This webinar is part of LWARB’s Circular Economy Week, find out more here.


Proposed draft commitment for Circular Economy:

UKGBC are looking for projects that will pilot the Circular Economy Guidance for Construction Clients, the following commitments should be made by the client and project team:

  1. Commit to integrating the guidance into the project brief at RIBA Stages 1 & 2 (or even later in the project life cycle if feasible), as a minimum this should include principles included in Table 1 on page 18
  2. Share lessons learned ie challenges and solutions experienced during project development to feedback into future updates of the Circular Economy Guidance for Construction Clients and share final outcomes from the project and the circular economy principles followed through to completion including any financial gains made by the project and waste/carbon minimised.

In return, UKGBC will list the client/project team and project publicly as a pilot project who are committed to testing the guidance and share through social media channels as leadership examples.