VIDEO: A fully electric building — Building A Better Future

Gold Leaf UKGBC members Multiplex and Derwent construct their first all-electric building.

Published on

November 19, 2020





Construction company Multiplex and developer Derwent have constructed their first all-electric building, which uses air source pumps powered by renewable energy for all heating and cooling. The 80 Charlotte Street property in London is built from low-carbon concrete, recycled materials and harvests rainwater.  

This film is part of the ‘Building A Better Future’ series, which sets out to explore the effect buildings have on the environment as well as the people living in them. It looks at the ways in which green buildings can help reduce carbon emissions, from conception to demolition and it examines the impact of sustainably conscious design on the quality of people’s lives. 

Representing voices from across the world, the stories show some innovative and impactful examples of green buildings, from the newly built, to older buildings which have been retrofitted and given a healthier life. With 39% of global carbon emissions coming from buildings and construction, momentum for transformation within the industry is growing. From increased energy efficiency, to carbon neutral materials and considered design, change is beginning to be applied at scale – to build a better future. 

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