NEWS: Applications open for Change Accelerator 2022

UKGBC has launched applications to its 2022 Change Accelerator programme
Change Accelerator 2022

Published on

June 23, 2022





In August last year the UN issued a “code red for humanity” with the publication of its landmark IPCC report. The findings of which have reverberated across all sectors, sending a clear message to businesses of all shapes and sizes that critical industry advocacy on the climate crisis has never been more urgent and immediate action must be taken. A crucial part of this action will be upskilling the existing workforce to better understand how the operations of any business contributes to the climate crisis and identifying what changes must be made.

Change Accelerator is a two-month programme aimed at middle to senior level business leaders (10-15 years’ experience) working in the built environment, with real influence over business strategy and a remit for change.

Running from September to November 2022, the course aims to facilitate a systemic shift in the sustainability of the built environment. By the end of the programme, participants will have gained a fresh perspective, be invigorated on their own change journey and be connected to a network of peers who will support them in the delivery of bold and sustainable outcomes at their own organisations.

The Change Accelerator objectives are to:

  1. Expose participants to cutting edge leadership insights, delivered through a mix of learning techniques and peer-to-peer dialogue.
  2. Redefine participants’ own leadership purpose and increase understaning of how to influence systems and hone storytelling techniques to maximize influence and deliver transformational change at organisational level.
  3. Apply a new frame of thinking to existing challenges, leveraging shared insights and developing a strategy to positively achieve sectoral change.

Following graduation from the programme, the 2022 cohort will join over 270 individuals and continue to collaborate through involvement in the UKGBC Leadership Alumni Group, which brings opportunities for further professional development and access to a growing number of thought-leaders right across the built environment value chain. The deadline for applications to Change Accelerator 2022 is August.

The time for business to act and invest in a more sustainable future is now and boosting our mid-senior leaders to deliver that change is essential. We look forward to receiving nominations from your businesses or direct applications from yourselves.

What a truly inspirational but practical leadership programme, I enjoyed every minute, even the bits where I was way out of my comfort zone. Elfrida and her team created such a safe space to deeply explore our personal purpose and the change we want to see. I really feel like I’ve finished the experience with a group of professional friends and I hope those relationships continue to grow over the coming months and years. The programme has helped so much. The time, space and novel techniques, particularly at Hawkwood, were so refreshing. Delving deep to try and get to the bottom of my own purpose and then thinking about how to apply this throughout my career has been truly enlightening. I’ve learnt so much from everyone on the course, hearing their stories and it’s given me the confidence to be myself and do my own thing. Most importantly I feel so much more confident to challenge and do things differently.

– Penny Gowler, Elliot Wood