NEWS: UKGBC announces new Embodied Ecological Impacts Task Group

This group of industry experts are working on UKGBC's pioneering Embodied Ecological Impacts project to explore the off-site nature impacts of the resources we use.
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March 16, 2023





In our current climate and ecological crises our industry is getting more comfortable with measuring whole life carbon, including the embodied carbon of materials and buildings. However, when it comes to biodiversity and nature impacts, efforts tend to be focused much more on the site level, forgetting the wider global impact resource extraction, use, and waste has on the planet.

This project will explore those embodied ecological impacts, raising awareness about our impact as an industry, and explore potential solutions. This task group will assist in the knowledge gathering and development of a co-created output which will be launching in Summer 2023.

The Embodied Ecological Impacts Task Group are:

Kelly Gunnell Atkins
Jessica Lewis Berkeley Group
Mike Burgass Biodiversify
Donna Rourke BNP Paribas Real Estate
Alexandra Jonca Buro happold
Ankita Dwivedi Firstplanit
Chris Moss Greengage
Thomas Hall Hilson Moran
Amanda Skeldon JLL
Carine Guenard Keir group
Pippa Howard Nature metrics
Gemma Cranston Pollination Group
Samantha Deacon Ramboll
Rachel Cakebread TfT
Tianqi Li The Carbon Trust
Gary Grant The Green Infrastructure Consultancy
Ben Cianchi University of the West of England

This project is part of UKGBC’s resilience and nature programme which has been made possible due to the support of our programme and project partners:

Resilience and Nature Partners:

Project Partners: