Our mission

Our Mission is to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment, by transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated.

Our vision

A built environment that enables people and planet to thrive by:

Mitigating and adapting to climate change

Eliminating waste and maximising resource efficiency

Embracing and restoring nature and promoting biodiversity

Optimising the health and wellbeing of people

Creating long-term value for society and improving quality of life

Issues we work on

The issues we work on are derived from our Vision. They constitute the more material environmental and social impacts of the built environment. By clicking onto each of the issues below, you will access an infographic capturing the scale of the challenge we face in achieving our vision.

Our impact

We want sustainable development to become second nature. Our 10 year plan ‘Ambitions for 2027’ offers a road map towards making that happen. It sets out in detail our vision, and shows how we intend to measure our own – and the wider sector’s – progress towards it.

Ambitions for 2027


Within this ten year plan, we publish our Model for Change. This highlights the four levels at which we believe we can influence change – namely amongst professionals, businesses, places and the built environment sector as a whole. Each year we will publish an Impact Report to capture the overall scale of our activities, and the change which they have brought about in the above four levels. Examples of some of our latest Impact Reports are downloadable below and all our Impact Reports are available in the resources under Our Work.

Impact Report 2020-21

Impact Report 2019-20

Impact Report 2018-19

Impact Report 2017-18

Impact Report 2016-17

Impact Report 2015-16

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