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Future of the Built Environment Programme

The purpose of this project is to provide UKGBC members with an insight into the future trends affecting the built environment and equip them for change, enabling them to capitalise opportunities and begin the shift to more sustainable and innovative solutions.

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Climate Resilience

We will be running a series of events and undertaking research in the Autumn of 2018 to explore what the risks are to the UK built environment from a changing climate and what can be done to make buildings and infrastructure more resilient.

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Energy Efficiency Mortgage Action Plan

The Energy Efficiency Mortgage Action Plan (EeMAP) initiative is exploring the link between energy efficiency and borrower’s reduced probability of default and the increase in value of energy efficient properties.

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Policy & Advocacy

UKGBC will be providing opportunities for members to keep up to speed with, and influence, a number of crucial policy areas.

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Social value training

Working with local authorities and private sector to embed best practice, covering social value training and principles and measurement methods, processes and strategy.

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Action-learning in cities

A brand new initiative, bringing together project teams working on major urban development schemes to engage in an action-learning programme. Kicking off in early 2019.

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Retrofit & Regeneration – workshops

A series of workshops that will support local government tackle fuel poverty and improve home energy efficiency, as we continue to disseminate the work of the Regeneration and Retrofit task group.

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