Solution Suggestion Form

Through UKGBC’s Solutions Library we seek to identify and promote tried and tested solutions that address our sustainability impact areas – Climate Change, Resource Use, Nature & Biodiversity, Health & Wellbeing, and Socio-economic Impact. The aim is to increase awareness, adoption, and investment in these solutions across the built environment industry.

The solutions we are looking for:

  • Could be from anywhere around the world.
  • Must be possible to implement now (we are not looking for hypothetical ideas and concepts)
  • Don’t need to be ‘new’ and could be a novel application of an old product or principle.
  • Could be a technology or product, but also a service, a process, an operating or financial model, or government policy or regulation.
  • Could be part of a bigger picture suite of solutions that come together to solve a challenge.

If you know of any solutions you think would be relevant for inclusion in UKGBC’s Solutions Library please complete the form below. UKGBC will then reach out to the solution provider directly for further information.


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    Why do you believe this solution should be included in the UKGBC Solutions Library?

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    Thank you for taking the time to complete the solution suggestion form. We will use the information you have provided to evaluate the solution suggestion and reach out to the solution provider directly should we wish to include in the Solutions Library.