Build Upon²

UKGBC is working alongside BPIE, Climate Alliance and 7 other Green Building Councils to develop resources and a multi-level renovation framework for local authorities to measure the impacts and wider benefits of home retrofit.


October 23, 2020


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BUILD UPON² is Horizon 2020 funded project led by a consortium of eight national Green Building Councils with GBC España as Coordinator, the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), and the municipal network Climate Alliance – which leads the Covenant of Mayors Office-Europe – representing 7,000+ local and regional authorities.


BUILD UPON² is working with cities to develop strategies and solutions to the building renovation challenge. In particular, it is developing a ‘multi-level renovation impact framework’ containing a suite of milestones and measurable progress indicators for city renovation strategies. This includes how to measure emissions reductions as well as capturing co-benefits such as increased employment and improved health. By capturing this data at a local level in a consistent way, the framework will link renovation to policy and decision-making processes at a national level, aiming to drive greater investment in city retrofit and regeneration programmes.

BUILD UPON² aims primarily to strengthen the local effectiveness and implementation of the national building renovation strategies. It is also intended to be used by governments worldwide, looking for guidance in their national building strategies. Before 2021, the project aims to see at least 10 more cities publicly commit to establish strategies to completely decarbonise their building stock by 2050.

To date, UKGBC has been working closely with its European partners and with the UK’s National Steering Group to develop a framework that is suitable for the UK context. This includes indicators covering the following topics: CO2 emission – Energy efficiency – Fuel poverty – Indoor Air Quality – Awareness raising – Investment in energy renovation and jobs creation.

The framework will be piloted by 8 European municipalities, including Leeds in the UK, for 6 months from July 2020. It is possible for other UK municipalities to become ‘follower cities’, and be part of testing, evaluating and verifying the framework in early 2021. In return, cities will be offered a tailored half-day workshop and training materials to enable them to introduce and roll out the framework at a local level.

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