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UKGBC is bringing together construction clients and project teams who are applying circular principles on live projects and are looking to share challenges and solutions.
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November 5, 2020


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The Circular Economy Forum (CE) brings together industry professionals who are actively working on the implementation of circularity to share learnings, find solutions, and make practical progress in implementing circular economy principles on live projects. 

The CE Forum is chaired by UKGBC and is designed to be a confidential space to learn from each other’s experiences, success as well as failure and meets quarterly.  

The CE Forum Working Group is a smaller working group that is member-run. It has been set up to address specific topics that several forum members wish to make further progress on. UKGBC helps scope and set up the working groups and help promote the outputs, while the main work is done by the members of this group. They provide progress updates at the quarterly forum meetings but progress their work outside of the meetings. The fortnightly meetings of this group also serve as sessions to discuss industry news on circular economy and have established a close-knit network of highly experienced industry professionals associated with UKGBC. 

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CE Forum Resources 

Blog posts 

The Challenges and Opportunities of Reusing Steel (Roy Fishwick, Cleveland Steel and Tubes) 

Reusing steel: how do you know what your second-hand steelwork is going to look like? (Penny Gowler, Elliott Wood) 

The Do’s and Don’ts for Deconstructability (Kai Liebetanz, UK Green Building Council)  

Defining Reuse: Why Adopting ISO Definitions Will Help Encourage Circularity (Rachel Hoolahan, Orms) 

What’s at risk with Reuse? (Mark Edwards, Arcadis)  

A second-hand materials market: The next chapter in construction’s sustainability story (Steve Gilchrist, Grosvenor) 

Circular economy needs more entrepreneurs (Roy Fishwick, Cleveland Steel and Tubes) 

Past events 

Circular Steel – This was an all-day event with 70 members from across the steel supply chain to explore how circular economy can be applied to steel use and the opportunities net-zero steel. Our write up of the event can be found here.

Innovations in Circular Manufacturing 


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