Climate Resilience

We are running a series of activities to explore what the risks are to the UK built environment from a changing climate and what can be done to make buildings and infrastructure more resilient.
Climate Resilience


November 9, 2018


Research & Innovation



Our climate is changing, the evidence is well established and the impact on our buildings, infrastructure and way of life are set to increase. The IPCC Special Report Global Warming of 1.5ºC found that we are already seeing the consequences of a 1ºC global temperature rise and that 1.5ºC is expected by 2030-2052. The UK Climate Projections 2018 found that in the UK we will see hotter drier summers and wetter windier winters.   

For more information on the impacts for the built environment see our Climate Resilience: Awareness Raising Resources here

UKGBC’s next steps are to scope our future activities on the topic of climate resilience. To shape this, we ran a member workshop in June to identify what the ambitions for the industry should be and how UKGBC can best enable progress. 

UKGBC are a Project Partner on the Greater Manchester IGNITION project which will establish the financial mechanisms to deliver green infrastructure. You can find out more here and we will provide further information shortly. For more information on our work around green infrastructure see here. 

To support our future work on this vital topic we are looking for sponsorship, to find out more contact  Alastair Mant 

In November 2019, UKGBC, together with its members and wider industry, launched our sector ambition for climate resilience and nature based solutions which we hope acts as a focal point to galvanise industry action on responding to the climate and ecological crisis.