Climate Resilience

We are running a series of activities to explore what the risks are to the UK built environment from a changing climate and what can be done to make buildings and infrastructure more resilient.
Climate Resilience


November 9, 2018


Research & Innovation



Get Involved: Check out our climate resilience actor and resource map and please email to let us know if there are any organisations and initiatives that should be added.

Our climate is changing and the impacts on our buildings, infrastructure and way of life are set to increase. The summer heatwave across the northern hemisphere has brought climate change back to the front pages. However, the world is still on course to breach the Paris Agreement’s aim of keeping global temperature rise to below 2 degrees this century. In July Defra published the updated National Adaptation Programme and in November the datasets for UK Climate Projections (UKCP18) will be released, the first major update since 2009.

In this important and rapidly changing space our activities will seek to raise awareness within the built environment profession of the threats, opportunities and resources available. Between October 2018 and February 2019 we will run a webinar, a face-to-face learning course, roundtables and panel discussions, launch an online information resource and run an awareness raising social media campaign.

We are collaborating with many other organisations who are active in this topic and we are very interested in what our members are doing to assess and react to the impact of climate change on buildings and infrastructure.

Our work will use and build upon the “Design for Future Climate” work undertaken by InnovateUK, who have kindly provided funding towards our activities. We are now hosting the outputs and materials on behalf of Innovate UK, which you can find here.

Please find below details on our past and future activities:

March 26th: Birmingham Local Network Climate Resilience Roundtable. Sign up here

February 14th: Bristol Local Network Climate Resilience Roundtable. Sign up here

December 6th: Climate Resilience of the built environment – Manchester.

December 4th: Publication of BLOG: Sink or swim – is the built environment ready for climate change? Read here

November 12th: Release of climate resilience videos. See below

November 6th: We launched our Climate Resilience actor and resource map! Find out more here.

November 6th: Webinar: Climate Resilience.

October 18th: Level 2 Course: Climate Resilience.

August 16th: Climate Resilience scoping roundtable.



With thanks to

  • InnovateUK