Climate Resilience

A series of activities to explore what the risks are to the UK built environment from a changing climate and what can be done to make buildings and infrastructure more resilient.
Climate Resilience


November 9, 2018


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Get involved: See the opportunities related to our new programme Increasing Nature-Based Solutions here.

Our climate is changing and the consequential impact on our buildings, infrastructure and way of life are set to increase. The IPCC Special Report Global Warming of 1.5ºC found that we are already seeing the consequences of a 1ºC global temperature rise and that 1.5ºC is expected by 2030-2052. The UK Climate Projections found that in the UK we will see hotter drier summers and wetter windier winters. For information on how climate change will impact the built environment see our climate resilience resources here.

Therefore, we hope that all those working in the built environment sector will support our ambition that By 2030, all buildings and infrastructure will, throughout their lifetime, be climate resilient and maximise environmental net gains, through the prioritisation of nature-based solutions”.

Increasing nature-based solutions

A two-year programme to enable more ambitious industry targets and increase the application of nature-based solutions for climate resilience and environmental net gains.
You can find more details here. 


We are project partners on the Greater Manchester IGNITION project which will establish the financial mechanisms to deliver green infrastructure for the purpose of creating a more climate resilient city region. We have now published the first business facing report for the project, focused on the economic, environmental and societal benefits of nature-based solutions. Download here.

UKGBC Resources

Nature-based solutions to the climate emergency: The benefits to business and societyThis report is a curation of the existing evidence that demonstrates the economic, environmental and societal benefits that nature-based solutions provide.

Making the Case for Green Infrastructure: Lessons from Best Practice – This report provides case study insights into green infrastructure decision making from the project teams and stakeholders involved.  

Climate resilience and embracing nature: An ambition for the built environment – In November 2019, UKGBC, together with its members and wider industry, launched our sector ambition for climate resilience and nature-based solutions which we hope acts as a focal point to galvanise industry action on responding to the climate and ecological crisis. 

Climate resilience actor and resource map We have developed a new tool which helps professionals better understand the landscape of initiatives and policy being worked on specifically around climate resilience.   

Climate resilience awareness raising resources. Since 2018, we have produced a number of resources including videos to raise awareness of the impacts that climate change will have on the built environment and of the opportunities to adapt. 

Practical how-to guide: Developing and implementing a green infrastructure strategy – This report provides insights into the practical steps to integrate green infrastructure into city projects.  

Demystifying Green Infrastructure – In 2015 we produced guidance on the business case for green infrastructure and practical steps for implementation.   


If you would like to join the UKGBC Climate Resilience Interest Group and receive regular updates about our work on the topic then please email Robert Winch.