Contractors Forum

This group is formed of individuals drawn from the major contractors within UKGBC’s membership.
Contractors Forum


December 14, 2017


Research & Innovation, Membership & Networks



“Contractors” are defined as companies whose primary business is acting as contractor on built environment projects. The group have established communication channels and meet quarterly to discuss sectoral challenges around sustainability. The group focus on solution driven projects that can progress sustainability within the contracting sector, and act as a space in which these can be openly proposed and debated.

The role of the Contractors’ Forum is to:

  • Advise and collaborate on activities that UKGBC could undertake in relation to the contracting process and “contractors” in order to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment in line with the UKGBC Mission and Vision
  • Facilitate knowledge and best practice sharing between the contractors and wider stakeholders within the UKGBC membership, in order to advance the UKGBC Mission
  • Create original content that can be shared with the rest of the UKGBC membership and wider built environment industry in order to advance the UKGBC’s Mission
  • Undertake outreach activities with stakeholders across the UKGBC membership and built environment sector in order to collaborate effectively

The Forum is chaired by Adam Crossley of Skanska and co-ordinated by UKGBC staff.

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Organisation involved in the Forum include: