Decarbonising the built environment Government policy scorecard

A scorecard analysis of Government action against the policy recommendations in UKGBC's Whole Life Carbon Roadmap and the big challenges and opportunities ahead.
Government Policy Scorecard


December 13, 2022


Policy & Advocacy



Buildings are the UK’s second largest source of climate emissions after surface transport. With time running out to keep global temperatures to 1.5 degrees, a laser-like focus on the policies needed to decarbonise this sector is essential.

This scorecard on the Government’s policies assesses progress over the past year since the Heat and
Buildings Strategy was launched in October 2021 and shines a light on the big opportunities the Government must grasp in order to cut emissions and boost the green economy in the year ahead. It compares the policies that have been announced or are in delivery against the comprehensive set of policy recommendations made in the UKGBC’s Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap for the Built environment, which enjoys broad industry support. In each of the key areas – operational carbon, embodied carbon and infrastructure, we have assessed the significance of the policy area, the policy gaps and the size of the economic prize if Government takes action this year. We have colour coded progress in each area using a red-amber-green criteria.