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UKGBC continues to run a range of activities designed to enable a culture of open innovation within our members and to help innovative start-ups scale. This includes learning and leadership courses, creating guidance documents, communicating innovative solutions, and facilitating collaborative events.
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April 17, 2019


Research & Innovation



A step change in the sector’s environmental and social impact is required in order to achieve the UKGBC vision for a sustainable built environment. This requires innovation in technology, business models and ways of operating, however innovation in the sector can be slow.   

UKGBC is undertaking work to enable a culture of open innovation within our members and to help innovative start-ups scale. This includes: 

  • Innovation Sprints in which participants are divided into groups and led through a one-day process that enables them to generate new and innovate solutions for a defined challenge, and present their concepts to a panel of judges at the end of the day 
  • Innovation Showcases where innovators present their products and services and meet prospective collaborators and clients; 
  • Future Leaders, which brings together ambitious, high-potential professionals from across industry to take part in a unique 4month programme of leadership and innovation; 
  • Highlighting existing innovative solutions through our publications and digital channels;  
  • Building a collaborative network of hubs, accelerators, investors and industry organisations who are also working with innovators to solve the built environment’s pressing environmental and social challenges; 
  • Welcoming more innovative start-ups into our membershipby reducing the cost of their annual membership to just £105. See here for details.  

Contact Alastair.mant@ukgbc if you would like to collaborate on innovation activities 

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With thanks to EIT Climate-KIC as funding partner for the Open Innovation Levels framework