Innovation Programme

The UKGBC Innovation Programme encompasses a multitude of activities designed to enable business to respond to future trends, gain clarity on the problems we need solving in the built environment, and map both new and emerging innovation to these challenges.
innovation programme


June 6, 2018


Research & Innovation



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The first phase of UKGBC’s Innovation Programme was an Innovation Lab that engaged members in a process of innovation around the challenge “How can we make space as agile as tech?”. The resulting innovation manual is out now and can be found below. An overview of some of the innovative technologies and approaches we discovered along the way can be found here.


UKGBC has the unique convening power to bring together built environment businesses, entrepreneurs, and young innovators to unlock the huge potential for a more innovative approach in our industry. By developing new insights and collaborations, and supporting the creation of sustainable innovations, we can get cutting edge solutions and new business models into buildings and infrastructure much quicker – all critical if we are to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment. Innovation has always played an important part in UKGBC’s work, but in the last year it has become a formal focus, with dedicated programmatic activity.

In phase one – our Innovation Lab – we saw a huge appetite for innovation in the membership, and worked closely with the Lead Partners of the Innovation Lab to develop their knowledge and skills on innovation. Building on the success of our 2017 Innovation Lab, our second phase of work will run for two years starting in April 2018.

The objectives for our 2 year programme are to:

  • Provide UKGBC members with an insight into the future trends affecting their business, equipping them for change and a shift to sustainable and innovative solutions.
  • Identify, and map innovative solutions to, key built environment challenges.
  • Establish new innovation business models and technologies.
  • Encourage a culture of open innovation, and establish lasting relationships between corporates and innovators.
  • Build the capacity of UKGBC members to innovate, and create the conditions for innovation in their businesses and the sector.

This programme will focus on these 4 areas:

  1. Futures – insights into the future of the built environment.
  2. Challenge definition – clarity and consensus on key built environment challenges, and establishment of the UKGBC innovation portal.
  3. Ideas – gain new ideas from the student community and utilise the UKGBC innovation portal to map existing innovations to identified challenges.
  4. Collaboration – grow relationships between corporates and start-ups through innovation matchmaking events and mentoring.

Under these 4 areas we will deliver the following:

  • Insights into the future of the built environment.
  • Establishment of an innovation portal, enabling the digital listing of built environment challenges and innovative solutions.
  • Establishment of an annual student hackathon to generate new ideas.
  • Delivery of a series of innovation matchmaking events.
  • Establishment of corporate/innovator mentoring.

Sustainable Innovation Manual lead partners

  • canary_wharf_group_plc
  • landsec
  • ms marks and spencer M&S