Innovative Start-Up Forum

UKGBC is bringing together innovative start-ups to explore shared challenges and solutions, and to connect them with UKGBC activities and wider membership.
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July 20, 2021


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UKGBC has an expanding community of Innovative Start-Up members, who we bring together through this Forum to explore the challenges faced by innovators across the built environment, and to help find the solutions to them. The Forum is a collaborative and informal space, with meetings held on a quarterly basis open to all UKGBC Innovative Start-Up members. On an invite-only basis we also welcome involvement from other participants from the wider UKGBC membership, and beyond.

The Innovative Start-Up Forum intends to:

  • Create a supportive community of peers to explore challenges they share and the potential solutions to them. 
  • Connect Innovative Start-Up members with the wider UKGBC corporate membership, facilitating knowledge sharing and network-building.
  • Proactively engage start-ups in UKGBC activities.
  • Help profile and scale purpose-driven innovators operating in the built environment.

The direction of the Forum is member-led, with all Innovative Start-Up members having the opportunity to propose and take part in activities. An Advisory Group of three Innovative Start-Up members work alongside UKGBC in-between meetings to ensure relevance of activities by providing ‘on the ground’ insight to support planning and preparation.

Innovative Start-Up Forum Advisory Group:

The inaugural Forum meeting was held in September 2021, with meetings being quarterly from then on.

Get involved: 

If you are a UKGBC Innovative Start-Up member wishing to participate in the Forum, please contact Lucy Rees.

Innovative Start-Up members: 

Profiles of current Innovative Start-Up members can be found via our Inside Innovation website. 

If you would like to apply to become an Innovative Start-Up member, or for more information on this dedicated and discounted membership category, please see here. And for more information on the benefits of UKGBC membership, and how we support Innovative Start-Ups, please contact