Net Zero Carbon Buildings: A Framework Definition

UKGBC has developed a framework definition for net zero carbon buildings to provide the industry with clarity on how to achieve net zero carbon in construction and operation.
Image of Manchester skyline to reflect their commitment to going net zero carbon by 2030


April 30, 2019


Policy & Advocacy, Research & Innovation



From November 2018 to March 2019, UKGBC brought together an extensive range of industry stakeholders, including a task group, to build consensus on a framework definition for net zero carbon buildings in the UK.

The primary focus of the framework is to set in place a path to achieve net zero carbon buildings in both construction and operation (in-use energy consumption), whilst beginning to provide direction for addressing whole life carbon in the industry.

As a freely available resource, the framework is intended to be used by building developers, designers, owners, occupiers and policy makers to inform the development of building tools, policies and practices. For information on verifying net zero carbon buildings and guidance on marketing and communications, please see here.

If you have any questions on the framework or would like to provide feedback, please email


The framework has been made possible thanks to the UKGBC Advancing Net Zero Programme Partners; Lead Partner the Redevco Foundation and Programme Partners BAM Construct UK, Berkeley Group, Grosvenor Property UK, Hoare Lea and JLL.