Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment Forum

The Commitment Forum brings together signatories to the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment to share challenges and opportunities for how they and the wider industry can accelerate the transition towards net zero carbon buildings.
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June 16, 2021




The Commitment Forum (‘the forum’) is open to all UKGBC members that are signatories to the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment. This group is unique in that it represents businesses from across the building value chain – representing the end-to-end delivery of buildings – and some cities/states, enabling net zero solutions to be developed through genuine industry-wide collaboration.

Please note, UKGBC will be updating the Commitment Forum in 2022/23 – for all the latest updates, please visit the Advancing Net Zero page or email us at  


The forum is founded on the following broad principles:

  • Solutions focused: the forum should actively create, promote and share solutions to delivering net zero carbon buildings at scale.
  • Peer-to-peer learning: the forum should encourage the sharing of strategies to help deliver net zero, including organisational net zero commitments.
  • Advocate: the forum should use its collective strength to demonstrate leadership on net zero in the construction and property sector, including in the lead up to COP26.

See the full terms and conditions for forum members here.


The forum has been active since April 2020. Members meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss relevant topics determined by the group. In an effort to share these findings more widely, summary notes are being prepared from April 2021 onwards and will be made available below.

29th April (2021) Topic: Cost-related barriers to delivering net zero carbon buildings Notes
24th June Topic: Barriers to mass timber construction in the UK Notes
26th August Topic: Organisational experiences in developing and implementing an energy action plan, as part of the core requirements of the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment Notes
28th October Topic: Framing COP26 – what are the upcoming solutions and how can we capitalise on them? N/A
20th January Topic: Whole life carbon roadmap how do we align and how do we move forwards?
23rd March Topic: The Next Evolution of the Forum N/A


Want to join the forum?

UKGBC member signatories are invited to sign up to the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment to gain access to the forum. More information on the Commitment is available here and queries can be directed to