Net Zero Carbon Buildings Verification

UKGBC outlines our work on the verification of net zero carbon buildings to date and upcoming plans.
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February 10, 2022


Policy & Advocacy



Since the launch of the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Framework Definition in 2019, UKGBC has received an increasing interest in the verification of net zero carbon buildings. UKGBC has continued to bolster the framework with a suite of complementary guidance as well as working to strengthen guidance on how to verify a building as net zero carbon. UKGBC is continuing to undertake work on Verification in 2022/23, outlined below. This page provides clarity on UKGBC’s work on verification so far and planned next steps.  

Verifying against the framework 

Currently, built environment stakeholders can “achieve net zero carbon in line with UKGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Framework” for their buildings by publicly disclosing information and ensuring third-party verification against UKGBC’s minimum reporting template. Find out more and see the current list of buildings here 

This approach is intended to encourage a culture of transparency in the industry and to openly share the approaches used, to drive the uptake of net zero carbon buildings. However, it is not a “certification scheme” or “verification standard” and UKGBC has recognised that this remains a gap in the market. 

Market analysis  

With the aim to address this gap, UKGBC – in collaboration with a number of other key industry stakeholders – conducted a process of market analysis to better understand the drivers for and characteristics of a potential verification scheme for net zero carbon buildings. The conclusions indicated a clear market need for a robust, accessible, and transparent verification process as soon as possible, which could be delivered through deploying an asset-level Net Zero Carbon Buildings Verification Standard. Read the findings of this market analysis here 

Upcoming work in FY22/23 

In 2022/23, UKGBC will be collaborating with other industry bodies to respond to the findings of the market analysis, including planning the potential development of an industry-led Net Zero Carbon Buildings Verification Standard – against which built assets could be robustly verified as net zero carbon 

Whilst the project structure, governance, and timelines are currently under discussion, it is anticipated that development will be led by a steering group of key organisations supported by a number of task groups focussing on specific elements of the Standard 

This webpage will be regularly updated as the project progresses, including with information on how to get involved with potential task groups when launched 

Please get in touch via if:  

  • You are an industry body, institution or initiative that are interested in engaging with the development of the standard moving forward. 
  • You are an organisation creating your own low or zero carbon certification rating tool, to share and discuss so we can help support greater alignment across industry.   
  • You are a private or public sector stakeholder interested in engaging with this work and would like to join the growing interest group.