Race To Zero

In the year of climate action and COP26, UKGBC is calling on all its members to make stronger, more credible climate commitments, and take immediate action towards net zero carbon.


April 22, 2021


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UKGBC is calling for all its members to join the UNFCCC-backed Race To Zero campaign

Race To Zero is a global campaign to rally climate leadership from non-state actors – ie businesses, cities, regions, universities and investors – for a healthy, resilient, zero carbon recovery that prevents future threats, creates decent jobs and unlocks inclusive, sustainable growth. All organisations recognised by Race To Zero are committed to the same overarching goal: halving emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero emissions as soon as possible and by 2050 latest.

UKGBC is contributing to the Race To Zero by driving our members to join the campaign. We are excited to help accelerate the Race.

Our members include critical actors such as businesses, investors, regions, cities and universities – all of whom will be critical to inspire confidence that Government should follow suit. Race To Zero partners cover each and every one of these stakeholder groups and by signing up to one or more of these initiatives, UKGBC members will be officially recognized in Race To Zero.

The following initiatives provide a route for individual organisations/entities to join the growing movement towards Race To Zero:

See full list of ways to join the Race To Zero here.

From May 2021 onwards, UKGBC will now be expecting Gold Leaf members to join the Race To Zero by making a pledge to halve emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions as soon as possible, and by 2050 latest.

UKGBC will also be recommending that all its members target action on their own buildings by signing up to the WorldGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment. The NZCB Commitment itself is a frontrunner initiative to the Race To Zero so signatories to the Commitment will be demonstrating their actions to go further, faster to accelerate the race to zero emissions by 2050.

Indepth insights on the Race to Zero

Across the UKGBC website, we have various resources to help you better understand the Race to Zero, with more information about the practicalities of joining to the bigger questions of why it’s important. Here is a selection:

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