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To help refine our process for solutions-gathering and evaluation, we have launched a pilot portal with two “challenges” centred around “how to achieve net zero carbon buildings”.
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August 24, 2020


Research & Innovation



Why we are doing this?

The built environment sector must rapidly tackle the climate and ecological crises and associated social impacts. Stretching commitments are being made by governments, local authorities, industry organisations and companies that require radical changes in how we plan, construct, and operate our built environment. This is resulting in new challenges, and so, UKGBC is increasing its work to speed up the process of challenge and solution identification.

How we are doing this?

UKGBC is establishing a new collaborative process for identifying shared sustainability challenges and undertaking time-bound crowdsourcing of ready-to-use solutions to them. To help us refine our process for solutions-gathering and evaluation, on the 24th August we launched two pilot challenges using the Microsoft Teams Ideas Ideation platform, a web or app-based idea management tool. The two pilot challenges centred around the topic of “how to achieve net zero carbon buildings”, specifically:

Challenge Statement 1 

“How can a building owner improve their existing buildings, with as little physical intervention as possible, to achieve net zero operational carbon by 2030?” 

 Challenge Statement 2 

“How can office owners and occupiers improve the connection between live building occupancy and the control of building services, to reduce operational energy consumption?” 

UKGBC members, and the wider industry, were invited to participate in the pilot project by signing up to the portal to post their solutions and insights into the challenges, and to engage with those proposed by others. The pilot challenges officially closed for solution submissions on Friday 25th September. We are now moving into the next phase of the pilot project whereby the solution suggestions received will be reviewed and several selected for further evaluation and, ultimately, publication as part of our wider work in innovation later this year.

Thank you to all those who have participated in our pilot project to date by accessing the portal and submitting their solution suggestions. Watch the space for upcoming outputs and further opportunities to get involved!

Steering Group

A Steering Group, made up of individuals from the membership, are assisting with this pilot project. The individuals were chosen based on their involvement in the initial scoping of this project, their previous work with UKGBC on innovation, and their work on net-zero carbon through the NZCB Commitment Forum. Their role includes identifying the initial challengescreating an evaluation methodology and using it to evaluate the submitted solutions, and providing feedback on the portal and wider process.   The steering group includes: 

  • Alex Edds, Director of Innovation and Digital Consulting, JLL
  • Andy Doyle, Major Projects Director, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland 
  • Bev Taylor, Director of Energy and Environment, Bruntwood 
  • Claudine Blamey, Head of Sustainability and Digital Strategy, Argent (Property Development) Services LLP 
  • David Price, Executive Director – Head of Investment Management, Federated Hermes
  • Ed Wealend, Head of Research and Innovation, Cundall 
  • Lorna Walker, Co-founder – COO and Head of ESG, Modomo Ltd 
  • Maria Smith, Director, BuroHappold Engineering 
  • Mike Cross, Head of Partnerships and Innovation, Willmott Dixon 
  • Mina Hasman, Associate, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (Europe) LLP 
  • Sam Carson, Director of Sustainability, Carbon Intelligence 
  • Sunand Prasad, Senior Partner, PPRIBA, Perkins & Will 


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