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UKGBC continues to run a range of activities designed to enable a culture of open innovation and support innovative start-ups to scale. We take a collaborative approach to identify specific sustainability challenges, and to help industry source and implement the solutions to them.


April 17, 2019


Research & Innovation



A step change in the sector’s environmental and social impact is needed to achieve UKGBC’s vision for a sustainable built environment. This requires innovation in technology, business models and ways of operating, but innovation in the sector can be slow. Our work on solutions & innovation aims to help address shared sustainability challenges within the property and construction sector by showcasing practical solutions and enhancing collaboration between innovators and corporates.

The Solutions Library highlights practical and commercially viable ways to help address common sustainability challenges across the built environment, alongside case studies demonstrating their implementation and the notable work of UKGBC members. We welcome anyone to submit or recommend solutions, and UGKBC members to submit case studies, for potential inclusion. We regularly feature content from the Solutions Library in our social media communications, courses & events and in discussions with our members.

By running time-bound innovation challenges in collaboration with our members, UKGBC uses its unique convening power to identify and profile relevant solutions. Upcoming challenges to be announced. UKGBC members can propose challenges that they would like help with here.

Previous challenges:

UKGBC has an expanding community of Innovative Start-Up members, who we welcome at a discounted rate of £105 per year. UKGBC works to profile and connect start-ups in its network with their wider corporate membership. This includes dedicated activities such as the UKGBC Innovative Start-Up Forum, and through an ‘Inside Innovation’ Q&A interview series. UKGBC also collaborates with a range of hubs, accelerators, and investors to help identify and scale sustainable innovations across the built environment.

For more information about becoming an Innovative Start-Up member, or to enquire about working with one of our existing start-ups, please contact Applications can be made directly through our regular membership application form.

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