WorldGBC Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

Catalysing market demand for net zero buildings by challenging organisations to commit to net zero carbon for all building areas under their direct control by 2030.


September 18, 2019


Policy & Advocacy, Research & Innovation



The WorldGBC Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment (the Commitment) challenges companies, cities, states and regions to reach net zero building emissions in their portfolios by 2030 and to advocate for a net zero carbon built environment by 2050.  

The Commitment was launched in 2018 to tackle operational carbon and updated in September 2021 to incorporate embodied carbon requirements for all new buildings and major refurbishments under a signatory’s direct control (find our more about the update here). The Commitment promotes aggressive reduction-first strategies, with residual emissions being compensated for via offsets. The Commitment is also recognised as a pathway to achieving the global EP100 initiative. 

This page provides information for UK-based organisations interested in the Commitment. For full details on the Commitment and the global list of signatories, please visit WorldGBC’s page. 

UK companies

The Commitment is especially relevant to organisations wanting to lead the transition to net zero buildings in light of the UK’s net zero target. Signatories demonstrate real action by setting an advanced trajectory to achieve net zero in their own portfolio by 2030, and can help to inspire their own customers and supply chain on the net zero journey. 

A total of 58 UKGBC members have currently signed up to the Commitment (representing almost half of global signatories), listed below: 

Signatories in teal signed up to the original commitment launched in 2018, while signatories in  orange have signed up to the updated commitment launched in 2021. WorldGBC and UKGBC will be working with all signatories update their commitment to the new requirements throughout 2022.  

Commitment Forum

The Net Zero Commitment Forum is an exclusive benefit to UKGBC members that have signed up to the Commitment. It provides a collaborative environment for signatories to actively create, promote and share solutions on how to deliver net zero buildings at scale.

The first forum meeting was held in April 2020 and ongoing meetings are held on a bi-monthly basis. The outcomes from each forum and information on how to get involved is available here.

Interested in signing up to the Commitment?

Please review these documents for further information: 

If you are interested in signing up to the Commitment or would like further information, please get in touch with us via