UKGBC Wellbeing Lab Offices: A compendium of experience

A report summarising the experience of UKGBC's Wellbeing Lab, a collaborative learning and action programme on health and wellbeing.
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September 21, 2017


Research & Innovation



In September 2016 UKGBC built on its pioneering work by launching a first-of-a-kind ‘Wellbeing Lab’, aimed at driving and supporting action in the sector. 11 project teams, whose participants span the breadth of the built environment sector, were welcomed onto the programme, each showing commitment to UKGBC’s goal of transforming the way we think about, design and manage our working spaces.

This document provides a compendium of their wide-ranging experiences. It spans the spectrum from highly technical issues (concerned with monitoring equipment and data) all the way through to the deeply personal (occupant preferences and personalities).