UKGBC Scotland

At COP26, UKGBC launched our new network dedicated to accelerating the transformation of the built environment in Scotland.


May 12, 2022


Policy & Advocacy, Membership & Networks



Building on UKGBC’s regional work in England, we fulfilled our long-held ambition to create a network in Scotland with the launch of UKGBC Scotland at COP26 in November 2021. This ambition was driven in large part by the combination of the progressive political policy environment (with a Net Zero target of 2045, five years ahead of the UK-wide target), and the strong existing base of innovation and low carbon delivery across Scottish industry, warranting an increase in advocacy and activity in Scotland. Additionally, many of our members already have a considerable presence in Scotland and encouraged us to deepen our work and network here.

UKGBC Scotland aims to build on the successes of the last 14 years of UKGBC by convening a diverse membership from across the sector’s entire value chain, while developing Scotland-specific guidance, showcasing Scottish solutions, and stimulating Scottish innovation. We advocate for change by calling for even more ambitious commitments, stronger standards, and progressive policy, building on the progress already made in Scotland, and invite new members, collaborators and partners to join us in our mission to radically improve the sustainability of Scotland’s built environment.

Priorities 22/23  

For this year 2022/23, we have focused our activity on the following areas, in consultation with our members, contacts across various levels of government, and our friends in the third sector: 

  • Advocating for the measurement and reporting of embodied carbon in new-build and deep retrofit projects, as a first step towards regulating the amount of carbon that is embodied in our buildings 
  • Working with the sector and government to enable and drive widespread retrofit of Scotland’s non-domestic building stock, to increase energy efficiency and decarbonise our existing public and commercial buildings 
  • Working with the Scottish Government and industry stakeholders to unlock investment in Scotland’s building stock that enables the realisation of the Heat in Buildings strategy, through our involvement in the Government’s Green Heat Finance Taskforce 
  • Cooperating with partners across industry and the third sector to lend our voice to discussions around planning reform, skills development, and local retrofit programmes. 


UKGBC Scotland Team  

Currently, we’re pleased to have 2 team members located in Scotland:  

  • David Steen, Scotland Policy Advisor. Email. 

The wider UKGBC team also supports our work in Scotland, so if your query is not covered by either David or Diane’s specialisms, please contact the appropriate team member through our Meet the Team page.