Circular Economy

UKGBC is working with its members and the wider industry to develop practical guidance which will enable organisations working in the built environment to overcome the barriers to implementing circular economy principles.
Circular Economy


January 3, 2019


Research & Innovation



Our Vision is of a built environment at the heart of a circular economy – where waste is eliminated, and materials retain value long after their original use. 

UKGBC have launched a two year Circular Economy programme, part of which has been to convene an industry task group to develop guidance for clients to deliver circular principles within built assets. The aim of the guide is to provide construction clients and project teams with the commercial information they require to drive circular principles forward. 

The draft outline of this guidance was open for consultation in February to gather feedback and knowledge. The guidance will be launched at this event on 4 April 2019. 

This programme was set up based on feedback from UKGBC Gold Leaf members in 2017, through a Circular Economy Research Survey, the results suggested that UKGBC needed to facilitate collaborative approaches in overcoming common obstacles, these included: 

  • Limited practical action and engagement across the value chain 
  • Limited awareness and understanding 
  • Lack of business case evidence 
  • Product liabilities 
  • Unsupportive business models and strategic, long-term thinking 

UKGBC have undertaken a wide range of awareness raising activities including:  

UKGBC work in this area has been made possible thanks to the industries support as shown in the graphic below. 

To get involved with UKGBC’s Circular Economy programme or to receive updates please contact